how many calls does the BT speaking clock get?

That’s the question that just popped in my head, there was a time (pardon the pun) when you would dial the speaking clock to ensure everything was right.

Be it when the clocks adjusted for summer or autumn times or a power failure and running round the house to reset clocks etc.

Personally I have forgot about till it was mentioned over lunch the other day, it’s far to easier to look at my iphone and know it constantly keeps the right time or the corner of my laptop screen and know it’s spot on with the time.

So after a bit of research it turns out that 30 million calls were put into the BT speaking clock in 2011 at a cost per call of 31p for the pleasure to listen to the legend that is Tom Baker tell you the time, I know a couple of Doctor who fans who may have rang it a few times for their addiction.

So that’s £9,300,000 in income to BT for the speaking clock, a nice tidy little profit for in a specific niche market!

Beautifully British?

You start off in life and you believe everything you are told, like Jimmy Saville is a saint and does a lot of charity work and may look weird but hey he raises money for charity etc. Sadly for many years I see things how they are and cut through the bull shit, often cutting a young tele sales person down as they muddle through a script which makes them try to be my best friend of 20 years!

Anyway I digress in what I was actually starting to write about which was this advert that I noticed on ebaybeautifully british



Beautifully British MG cars? That’s a great line trading off the history of the MG name, yes they may be designed in an office in Birmingham and assembled in the UK, sadly the main components are all manufactured by the Chinese parent company and shipped over to be assembled in the factory over here.

But then the marketing team get involved and need to present the right image, like those adverts that say 78 out of 132 people agreed with our findings. Ask enough people till you hit the magic figure.

Now I like my cars but these do not really get me interested, but I wager a small bet that in 5-7 years they will have an exciting reliable range of cars that people want, think Jaguar and Land Rover both brands had serious reliability issues in the 80’s and 90’s but now have a superb range of vehicles which are very good and they can’t make enough evoques to meet demand!

Sadly the true UK mass car manufacturing business was lost years ago, notice i say mass as you can get some real specialist UK cars like the Noble and a TVR type vehicle from a company in Lancashire that make about 8 a year from memory!

Oh MG team if you read this I quite like your concepts and you really need to start a remarketing campaign to get your new brand out there and in peoples faces! Send me a voice message if you need to know more am sure the rest of the team would like a test drive.

Used Mahindra Compact Tractors for Sale

Due to an upgrade I have a 2009 FIM (Ford Isuzu Mahindra) 254 Mahindra Tractor for sale, 412 hours on the clock and well maintained


  • 25HP
  • Power Steering
  • Switchable between 2wd and 4wd
  • Shuttle gear box
  • turf tyres
  • Standard CAT 1 Hydraulic 3 point linkage 772kgs test list
  • Diff lock
  • Adjustable Tow Hitch
  • Hydraulic Tipping Valve Spool Connection
  • Electric Trailer Socket
  • Road Legal Lighting
  • Foldable Roll Over Protection Structure

Mahindra used tractor

See the full pictures here[email protected]/sets/72157627532348173/show/

used compact tractor for sale

Front End Loader

  • Factory Designed and Manufactured
  • Quick Release Front End Loader
  • Self Leveling parallel linkage
  • 4 in 1 style bucket enabling “grab” or “bite” function

Based in Cheshire just off the m6 at junction 18, buyer would need to arrange collection and looking for £6200 no VAT (Or nearest offer)


What’s have a fax machine and yellow pages got in common?

They are both dying ways of doing business!!

If you were around in the eighties you will know doubt remember Tomorrows World on BBC1 talking about the latest technology and fax machines and how they will be great for sending documents down the phone line.   Now email and file sharing services have virtually killed off the fax machine.

And if you look at the latest yellow pages dropping through the doors it’s getting that thin that some of the sunday magazine supplements will soon be thicker. I remember the days when Geoff capes strongman or someone like him would appear on a TV program and rip one of these in half  when they were 2 or 3 times thicker.  Now Mr Muscle could probably do it whilst cleaning his bathroom

yellow pages








Why is it dying?  Simple Google has been kicking it ass for the past 10 years!!

You want something you just search either on a computer or using a smart phone with internet access, you dont spend ages looking for a yellow pages and flicking through the pages and dropping a pin on the page with luck to find the right company to supply you.

Advertisers have picked up on the fact that business is online and instant and you only pay per click or you get free traffic from SEO (search engine optimisation) so gone have the days of spending a couple of thousand on a nice big advert to show what you do and sit back and hope the phone rings, hence the new light weight compact version (LOL)

Spammers Start Offering Loans

May be the Scam Artists or the boys from Lagos, Nigeria have made so much money from their dodgy scams that they can offer nice loans, like the following email I picked up from checking my spam folders

“My name is Mr William Woods,a legitimate  loan lender based in the United Kingdom.With our technology we can approve a suitable loan in minutes.We  borrow from 3,000 DOLLARS to 10,000,000 DOLLARS at just 3% interest rate with Flexible repayment over 1 to 30 years.Kindly email back via:”

Thank goodness he is legitimate and I like the sound of his technology (must be a spell checker) but hang on your in the UK and I’m in the UK but you only offer dollars.  Or when he says borrow is he wanting to borrow from me?

Who knows and I don’t care but obviously if you have tried and failed the normal I am the widdow of the president of blah and my husband put 47 trillion dollars in a bank account in the UK which I need access to then you need to change tact!

So remember test, test, test and test again to find your winning formula, which is a bit like what I do to websites! So go sign up for Google Website Optimizer

Spammers get into loans

Landshare Holmes Chapel

A growing trend thanks to Chanel 4 and hugh fearnley whittingstall for promoting the use of sharing land to grow real organic vegatables or flowers.  Totally makes sense someone has a piece of land and for a small token yearly amount you can have a plot of land in Holmes Chapel to grow your own tasty fresh vegetables.

With the added reasurance you know what has gone into producing them

  • No dodgy chemicals to presevere them or alter their natural struture!
  • No GM related crops
  • Just simple tasty home grown vegetables
  • And all the healthy exercise you get in the process!!

If you live in the Holmes Chapel, Cheshire area and interested in a landshare arrangement on New allotment plots, with water supply, Cranage, Holmes Chapel on a secure site, Large and small plots available then please fill in the form below and it will be forwarded on to the owner of the land

Landshare Holmes Chapel

Interested in the landshare arrangement for Holmes Chapel? If so please fill in your details below and they will provide you with details
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Rachel Elnaugh BBQ party

This weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to the lovely town of Bakewell where Rachel Elnaugh invited a few friends and clients from her online business mentoring

We had delightfull food thanks to Danny and his team at Maroon Spice Food who kept coming round with more and more BBQ treats, the prawns were superb 🙂

Fantastic to catch up with Charlie the Super Virtual PA and my old friend Ben “killer web designer” Hunt (minus the tash) and meet new friends like Rebecca Deakin who was getting quite a bit of attention, Chris Hill who got carried away in the early morning hours, David Golding who shares my views on the Isle of Man and Sarah who I found out we had a lot of shared business friends and Sue Stone who is highly reccomended. Probably missed a few people off there but as the wine and beer was flowing until 4am I think you can understand the memory is not that sharp.

All in all it was a great night and I thank Rachel for inviting me and pass on my thanks to all of you for being great guests.

So if you get a golden ticket invitation make sure you can go!

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Speed to market

Gordon Brown currently the British Prime Minister, the one that no one voted for but got in via secret deal with Tony Blair who was the elected Prime Minister, the one that could not see the Sun rising, the one that sold off a huge amount of Britian’s gold in the 90’s to then squander on stupid projects like

£10 billion pounds on ID Cards

In charge at the time of the expenses scandal, where the tax payer was forking out so they could all have multiple homes and even up keep a house for ducks on a pond think the figure was around £1500 for the duck house.

The one that appears on GMTV to talk about the latest reality TV Star and say yeah I phoned her last night to wish her well, like she is my best mate!

Anyway I can ramble on all day about his past mistakes, probably be a good book!

Which leads me to today the 28th of April 2010, where he is busy meeting the common people to try and win votes to keep his job!  When he meets lifelong labour support Gillian Duffy on one of those pre arranged and fixed up meet and greet with camera crew following.

Anyway after the constant smug grinning and nice chat he gets in his car only to be heard to call her a “Bigot” by the microphone that is recording what he says!

Once the world hears this the radio stations, TV companies have a field day, twitter is a buzz with debate and a facebook group is set up within minutes  Gillian Duffy Support group!.

Me being the curious one went to google to find out more and right in the think of all the action on google news, google trends, video etc is one lonely google advert

Gillian Duffy

Which if nothing shows you the speed of getting a message across to the market, the company behind it Bin Reminded have seen the gaff Gordon Brown has done and within minutes they have created a google adwords campaign to get their company and services in front of people for very little cost!!

I mean no one is advertising for the name Gillian Duffy!! So with no competitors to ramp up the price of the adverts they are having fun at Gordon Brown’s expense.

Well done the team at BinReminded!!

Could you act as fast to get one of your products n front of thousands of people in a similar circumstance?

The internet gives any one a platform be they a huge international company or some one setting up a business for the first time to get a message to market.

For those people still entertained by the whole Gordon Brown bigot comment you can check the full series of events here

Need Some Extra Cash?

These work at home, part time income opportunities all ways make me wonder.

Who is running them?
Do people actually make money?
What would you do to earn the £20-£30 an hour?
Is it legal?

Would I be going round illegally clamping cars? or finding lost shopping trolleys?

So many questions??????

I can answer one of those, I Bet there phone never rings!!

Need some extra cash

Has God Run out of Money?

That was the question I asked myself when I came home and found this weird thing behind my door?  But then no matter what religion the church has vast amounts of land and property and always get a good return on investment for the preaching to those that believe in their god etc.

You may have noticed that I am not a religious person, I see it as one of the oldest sales & marketing companies in the world.  A friend of mine has talked about the Catholic Church a lot on his blog and seen his daily visitors sky rocket also banned from the local pub along the way, so hey hopefully I will get another dozen or so just by saying “the catholic church”  If you look back religion has started most wars with exception to the Iraq war 2.0 which was simply for OIL

Anyway they must have run out of money at the local branch, though see if you know which flavor of religion is being pushed through my door, or perhaps I have a nut case on the street who wants to convert me?

Most important message in your life?

Then taped to the other side of this paper is this below

So any idea what flavor of religion is being pushed at me?

Would a local church on the form be useful? In case I thought wow that’s what I need in my life a bit of religion?
May be a website address to learn more?

Either way I am looking out for the idiot who put this together!!

And as I am mentioning religion and the catholic church I could not resist in sharing this with you