TeamViewer Remote Access a PC from the Internet

Sometimes I come across something so easy to use I have to shout about it!!  And recently the day job and additions to the family have kept me pretty busy.

But my eternal family curse of your good with computers can you fix my PC, microwave or sky box!   Yes people do ask those questions and usually they are family members who think as i sit in front of a laptop all day that I do something with computers!!

Internet Marketing Expert by day and night and then the odd fix a computer issue chucked in for good measure!

Sadly I know a lot about fixing them and making them better, not so much on microwaves (just bin it and buy a new one)

Anyway as relatives live many miles away and I am to busy to travel I have used simple services like MSN messenger back in 2001 when you could ask a friend for assistance as it saves driving to someones house to fix that urgent 1st world problem, I can’t get on ebay, facebook!!

Then the other day Blake turned to me and mentioned TeamViewer, which is a superb piece of software, allowing remote access to any computer that is running the software via a PC or a MAC or even via iPhone, Ipad, android devices.

Best thing is it actually comes bundled with one of my other great recommendations which I have mentioned previously as a great way of installing and keeping you up to date with your software, talk about right under my nose!!

Now I can remote control my laptop and have that hooked up to the TV to watch youtube videos and use my iphone as a remote and keep my relatives happy with quick free fixes to their computer problems!!

Alert Gmail Warning

I have been using Gmail since it first came out when I got an invite from a friend  who also had an invite from an invite before the doors were fully open, in the days when google was always in “beta” mode

In general I find it very good and as a secondary account it ticks all the boxes and over the years it’s evolved and the latest display layouts have grown on me.

What really hit me was how the following got through the spam filters and made me wonder how many people would have fallen for it.

alert Gmail Warning

Steve Wild in the clouds

No I am not going crazy, just finally found 5 minutes to move this site into the clouds so it runs faster and is more reliable than it was previous, now if I get 3 visitors or 3000 the server will call on resources to handle the load!

I just hope the people who have set up to handle the mess that the little shits have caused in London have moved themselves to the cloud servers as they were down earlier today thanks to ITV giving the full URL out

So if your a business that relies on online business make sure you have adequate server capacity and speak to your hosting company to check what package you are on


Install or update multiple software in one click

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to a website, select what programs you want download one piece of software that installs a wide range of software automatically and keeps it up to date

And not have all the extra toolbars and fluff that some of the software packages bundle in to the kit, DO WE REALLY NEED a yahoo toolbar, Ask toolbar after all it’s not the 1990’s!!

Thats why I love  As it can install multiple browsers, media players, FTP programs, Imaging software, document programs, Security and utilities in one easy click, no mess no hassle!!

Got a windows machine or an apple MAC, ninite works on both and believe me when I recently updated my laptop it saved me hours of searching for the software and installing one by one 🙁

I installed around 25 programs at the time and running it today it automatically updated 6 of them to the latest version, again no hassle!

So go and bookmark it or download the software now and save yourself hours the next time you replace a machine

Spammers Start Offering Loans

May be the Scam Artists or the boys from Lagos, Nigeria have made so much money from their dodgy scams that they can offer nice loans, like the following email I picked up from checking my spam folders

“My name is Mr William Woods,a legitimate  loan lender based in the United Kingdom.With our technology we can approve a suitable loan in minutes.We  borrow from 3,000 DOLLARS to 10,000,000 DOLLARS at just 3% interest rate with Flexible repayment over 1 to 30 years.Kindly email back via:”

Thank goodness he is legitimate and I like the sound of his technology (must be a spell checker) but hang on your in the UK and I’m in the UK but you only offer dollars.  Or when he says borrow is he wanting to borrow from me?

Who knows and I don’t care but obviously if you have tried and failed the normal I am the widdow of the president of blah and my husband put 47 trillion dollars in a bank account in the UK which I need access to then you need to change tact!

So remember test, test, test and test again to find your winning formula, which is a bit like what I do to websites! So go sign up for Google Website Optimizer

Spammers get into loans

Free Online Storage

Well that got your attention!

For a while now I have liked the idea of having safe secure online storage.

They are great for sharing project files with colleagues, photos and videos with family and friends and if you are like me you work on numerous machines then having your files safely syncronised in a virtual cloud is a win win situation.

And let’s face it if that hard drive failed with your photos of your wedding day were gone then you would have some serious making up to the other half!

I have been using DropBox which provides a neat little desktop installer so that you can sync files with the service and then set who can see those files which I find fantastic however the 2gig starter package could soon get used up and if you refer people you can get rewarded with 250mb per referral added to your storage which is a great idea but this is limited to an 8 gig maximum. After that you need to upgrade to a paid application which may or may not suit peoples budgets.

Today I came across SugarSync which automatically gives you 5 GB free storage and sync unlimited devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and more.  Which I am currently testing and this works on a similar way to dropbox and paid plans start at 30 GB limits (which was the size of my hard drive in my laptop 5 years ago!)

So if you need easy to use and reliable secure online storage then either of them are suitable but I am leaning to sugarsync at present!

Computer Running Slow?

So a while after you buy that shiny PC or Laptop you tend to notice that the fast computer you bought is now a slow computer and your left with the question “why is my computer running slow?” So how do you fix a slow computer?

Imagine your computer is like your desk at work over time paper keeps constantly being placed on it and analysied and filed, sometimes it’s put to one side to look at later and stuff never gets filed quickly.  Over time the desk gets messy and you can’t find things as quickly as you want to.

That’s a quick overview of your computer  as you are constantly installing new software and upgrading or taking off software and creating documents in word, excel etc.  Reading and sending emails can also add to the problem if you download them all and. Windows software will write the files to save in parts of the disk it can access sometimes this is not all saved in the same part so fragmentation occurs, which slows down the speed at which gives you slow computer performance as it’s pulling the file from several locations to present to you

Luckily these days there are simple to use programs to help fix a slow running computer. Ccleaner is one of the best cleaning programs I have come across in all my years working on computers, not only that it’s free!  If you would like to make them a donation to maintain it then you are free to do so. CCleaner is great at looking at your program registry and tidying up bad software installations or removing unwanted entries, it also provides a great tool to clean up temporary files, internet history and is very good at this process.

Whilst looking at Ccleaner they also provide a great program called DeFraggler which organises your hard drive so your slow computer can now get to the files quicker and save you time in the process whilst keeping your hard drive working to it’s best.

Remove Google Background Images

This morning I like many have found that google has took it upon them to fix something that is not broken!  For years google has kept a clean screen and just the google box to go find the information you require.

Companies love it as there are no distractions around the screen so employees can “google” get the information they want etc, compared with bing, yahoo etc where your surrounded by news on the latest Z list celebrity etc.

So today I find the most annoying picture I have seen in years, Annoying as you can’t see some of the text on screen!!

google background image

How do you turn it off? Simple question and you would expect an “I just want the plain default screen option”

Sadly not, if go to the bottom left off the screen you get a change background image. But then this asks you to login to change the background so what happens if you don’t have a google account and you don’t want to sign up for one?

Well your stuck or you could use which is googles SSL version of their search engine, SSL stands for secure socket layers which is what banks and payment sites use to keep your data secure.

Thought it won’t be long before they impose an image on that site no doubt, hopefully by then though they will have understood that the majority of people just want to search for information.

I do like the google for doodles though!

Or if you sign in and then click the change background at the bottom left you can look at editors picks or upload your own image, Editors picks provides a white blank image which is marginally better

Frustrating Captchas

If you run a website you know how annoying those spam bots that look to leave comments on your site or register multiple accounts so web captchas play an important role in defending against automated spammers. though some days they become more and more frustrating!!

Take this one for a site I found today, is it me or is there no PENGUIN picture!!!