Princesa Yaiza 5 Star luxury Hotel is fantastic

So said my lesser spotted friend, well it turns out he went there at the start of June for a week and just came back this weekend from a fortnight holiday which explains why he has been ignoring my calls!

You would ignore my calls yourself when you see his hundreds of pictures of the hotel and the Playa Dorada beach which it sits behind, As he was showing me I asked him why stay at the Princesa Yaiza? What makes it special?

The Staff

The Accomodation

It’s not to far to fly with the two little children he has

Plenty to do

and oh the suite we stayed in was fantastic also

Basically took him another 15 minutes to stop explaining, personally I think he has only come home to use his season ticket at City this year.

Needless to say he has booked for next year and convinced my wife that we should so go, so check out this video of the Princesa Yaiza

Twitter Search powerfull stuff

So it’s Sunday night and in the UK Simon Cowell is on his X Factor program generating enough PR to keep his show in the news until the following weekend,  he must be making twice as much money last year from the phone calls regarding the acts in the show and the way the british public view him.  If he says he hates an act then millions of people ring in to keep voting for them all the time giving Simon and his production company valuable PR and MONEY!!

The man is undeniable a GENIUS for sucking in the public, saying the odd comment knowing that thousands will be calling the paying voting lines to earn him money for his new house, private Jet etc.

Anyway their I was when I noticed a person I respect say “Xfactor is a joke” on Twitter” I gave a quick reply on the basis of how much money and PR he is making for his show and then did a search on “JEDWARD” one of the acts on X Factor on twitter.

It’s taken me 2 minutes to write this post and in that time there has been 4,335 tweets with the word “JEDWARD” in the tweet!

Actually make that 4519 talking about his brand!!

No 4604, I can’t keep up!!

Basically Twitter is very powerful for getting a message out there and also seeing what’s popular, in the old days people would go to work /school and talk about the television they saw over the weekend.  NOW you can sit back and see what people are saying live and respond accordingly if required.

Powerful real time information !!

Oh were now at 5149 tweets!!

Do a search on things that are interested to you and you can click and save them for future use!  And then you can respond accordingly!!

Oh were now at 5819!!!

how to remove and block someone from Facebook

So imagine my surprise when I logged into facebook to see a pic of a person who was in my friends list and a trusted friend that I had a lot of respect for had deleted me from his friends list!! How ever with Facebook and it’s view your friends with these people and they are friends with these people so computer logic applied that you must be friends!!! The mutual friend count was 34 if you were wondering.

Have I been removed from a facebook friend?
Have I been removed from a facebook friend?

So remember if you are bitter and in the old fashioned way it’s my football and I ain’t playing and taking it home do the following.

login to facebook and go to settings and click privacy, do a search on the person that you have fallen out with this week in the big block a user box, find the right person and block them. Which saves me from looking at the same pic of the same childish person each time I login to facebook.

Oh and if you are the old facebook friend concerned feel free to drop round with the money you promised!

PS want to learn some great farmville secrets? Then Click Here!