Google Glass 2.0, Where will it take us?

Google glass is not fully out but it’s probably the most talked about thing since the iphone was on the horizon, I found the above video of where it could go online and thought had to share it with people!!

Sit back and enjoy the show

LeapPad Best Toy for the iPad Generation!

I never thought I would say it but this is one amazing little children’s IPAD toy and deserves it’s recommendation as one of the TOP 10 toys of 2011 from the list that those evil marketing people produce each year and release the media who then tell the parents they are not good parents unless they buy these top 10 toys for children who do not really need or appreciate them.

Anyway the Leappad Explorer from leap frog is brilliant, my daughter can now take her own pictures and video just like on a ipad so my stuff is no longer being used and let’s face it if an iphone or an ipad gets dropped by little hands and smashed it’s an expensive headache we don’t need!

One of her Grandparents bought it for one of her many Christmas presents, she even arranged to buy leappad online which was another plus!  Now when traveling in the car she can be kept busy with a range of learning activities, art studio, e books and great software which teaches through playing.  Even this week I had to take her into work for a few hours and she sat in my office painting some pictures on the art studio package whilst I sorted a quick issue.

Like a real ipad you connect it up to the internet via a computer and you can download new Leappad Apps to add to the leappad explorer tablet which are not badly priced at £7.50 each.

one thing that worried me was a dog app where you had to wash and feed your puppy and ran out of the food and shampoo quite quickly, I was thinking here we go I will be buying packs online but was presently surprised that you dont have to buy more.  You simply connect up and refresh them via the PC.

Some of the apps like build your own story book with the option to record audio, video and pictures to add to the story are quite amazing for the type of product it is.

So with all the naff junk out in the shops you would not be disappointed in buying this for your child

Nokia C7 Remote controls a BMW 1 Series

Finally one of my many ideas has come true, well I was hoping that the BigTrak toys of the 70’s that they relaunched recently would have an iphone app to control and I can see a lot of remote controlled cars and toys being linked more with smart phones in the coming year,  But I never thought i’d see a real car being controlled by a smartphone so soon!!

Not sure of the legal requirements for a remote controlled car but imagine the benefits, you drive to the huge shopping centre the one that has 10 miles of packed car park and get out at the front door and then drive your car to the far car park, no more searching for a parking space and long walk back 🙂

Or it’s raining and you have blocked someone in at work, no problem from your office window you move your car to let them out

Don’t belive me?  Check the video out below and let me know what you think?

All could work well till you need to answer the phone call from the boss!

WordPress iphone app

For a while now I have been too busy to write and update my personal site!

Also I suffer from is it the best content?do people want to hear that I have finally set up the wordpress for iPhone app and it’s brilliant!

I have been writing this on my iPhone and also my earlier post in relation to the wifi story “ahead of my time” where I posted a picture also

Only downside That I can see is inserting links into the post

Otherwise it’s one of those really useful iPhone apps

Quad Bikes, Great for getting to Top Acre!

Had an interesting day today with a couple of great passionate people who started a business many years ago importing quad bikes from China, They know so much about the industry and what can go wrong that they have produced a superb range of quad bikes from the road legal quad bike to the 4×4 farmers quad bike below, also check out this demo of it pulling a tree just using the winch on the Farm Quad Bike version!!

quad bike

Versatile, they even supply it with a tow bar and a winch incase you ever get them really stuck in the mud!!!  Ideal for the part time farmer/land owner etc Though if you want something just to whizz round a field or nip to the shops on (yes you can have it road legal) then this is more for you, well not that one anyway it’s taken 🙂 Quad Bike

And if you have money to burn and want to turn heads then take a look at this V12 quad bike I found, it’s more Batman than Farm Man!!!

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Google Netbook – Google Chrome Operating System

The rumour mill is going full scale at present with talk of the google Netbook and the talked about islate from Apple.

People seem to be focusing that the Google Netbook will be a high spec machine and of course it will be launching the Google Chrome Operating System, possible features include

10.1″ Multi touch screen display

64gig SSD drive, solid state drive, no standard Hard drive

2gb Ram




USB and ethernet ports


Multi card reader

Audio jacks

Also powered by an ARM CPU processor, ARM processors general run better in smaller devices and use less power so longer battery life.  ARM was a spin off from the original BBC microcomputers of the early 80’s and came out of development from Cambridge Graduates, so they know there stuff and ARM processors are in many mobile phones and similar devices

Now obviously it will come pre loaded with the full suite of google applications and possibly google search by voice!  I’d also expect a few deals struck with other software companies to really provide a great bundle deal.

Like Apple google have deep pockets so I would not be surprised if these were heavily subsidised to get market share fast and a loyal following.   Google are planning like the mobile phone they are launching to sell them direct cutting out distributors and keeping control over the cost and the selling price at the same time.

Though I can see them doing a deal with mobile operators down the line to do a bundled 3g plan.

Which leaves one question, come the end of 2010 who will have shifted more units Google or Apple and will they be the only 2 players in the market by then for this type of kit?

Parking Sensors – I knew I should have bought some!

Years ago we moved to a new house on a narrow road and a narrow drive, yes it’s a nice house and place but the road and the neighbours parking is some what of a chore to get out of the drive.  I have many ideas and most come into my mind and I am to busy to act on them all, take for instance when we first moved in and the wife to be decided that she needed to move my golf gti close to the neighbours fence and in doing so put a nasty stripe down the front side.

Fence post got moved and I thought why don’t I see if I can get parking sensors retro fitted, years went by and I forgot about it, until last week when the wifes new astra sported a similar bumper/wing issue.

Now we have a quote for a hefty respray and fill which is 5 times the amount these parking sensors would have cost and I don’t want to claim on the insurance as that will affect the premiums next year and have not got the spare cash what with xmas and my daughters birthday in a few weeks , I think it can carry it’s battle  scars this time!!

Toyota Running robot

I think toyota have looked at Honda’s Asimo robot and thought we can do that better and built the worlds first robot that can actually run, if you watch the video you can see it with 2 feet off the air moving fast amazing!
It can also be pushed at and recover it’s original standing!

Not far from now we will be able to buy our own robots to help round the house etc and I am not talking about those grass cutters that follow a predefined circuit and only cut when the sun is out and look good but nothing else