Google G Drive 5gb storage for free?

So dropbox, sugarsync, bitcasa, skydrive to name a few are getting a new nemesis in the form of Google coming to the party with the strongly rumoured G drive giving 5 gig of free storage then you will no doubt have to pay to get extra which is not a problem, if you are like me with an iphone, 14 mega pixel canon camera and shoot in HD you soon rack up gigabytes of data!!!

But as they are late to the party, what’s the unique selling point to get you to change to the G drive?

Will dropbox and the simplicity be enough, obviously having another string to the bow of google is a plus for them and another chance to keep control of you and your data and then let advertisers sell to you, wait a minute am I talking facebook or google?

Hoping there will be some innovation really that makes me stop and say that’s the service for me.

Alert Gmail Warning

I have been using Gmail since it first came out when I got an invite from a friendĀ  who also had an invite from an invite before the doors were fully open, in the days when google was always in “beta” mode

In general I find it very good and as a secondary account it ticks all the boxes and over the years it’s evolved and the latest display layouts have grown on me.

What really hit me was how the following got through the spam filters and made me wonder how many people would have fallen for it.

alert Gmail Warning

Googles Groupon

So Groupon the coupons site which had been courted by google to the tune of 6 billion dollars is now waking up to the fact that google is actively aggressively looking to launch a competing system to Groupon and the other clones of Groupon called “Google Offers”. Groupon I understand are quickly trying to get a stock market listing with an approximate valuation of 15 billion dollars (are we getting back to the dot com boom? )

Should be interesting to watch from the sidelines to see who fights over you and who wins in the process as having the idea is great but the excution is the key to winning the game