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Totally forgot about how good this plugin from Mike Mindell and his amazing team, since I picked up a new laptop the other week I quickly synced my firefox bookmarks, history, passwords etc but it does not pull across plugins and for some strange reason I missed this off my list apologies Mike !!

So if you are blogging on wordpress 🙂 or any blogging platform and want to do some nifty keyword research then go download this now providing you have firefox first !!!

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Steve Wild in the clouds

No I am not going crazy, just finally found 5 minutes to move this site into the clouds so it runs faster and is more reliable than it was previous, now if I get 3 visitors or 3000 the server will call on resources to handle the load!

I just hope the people who have set up to handle the mess that the little shits have caused in London have moved themselves to the cloud servers as they were down earlier today thanks to ITV giving the full URL out

So if your a business that relies on online business make sure you have adequate server capacity and speak to your hosting company to check what package you are on


What’s have a fax machine and yellow pages got in common?

They are both dying ways of doing business!!

If you were around in the eighties you will know doubt remember Tomorrows World on BBC1 talking about the latest technology and fax machines and how they will be great for sending documents down the phone line.   Now email and file sharing services have virtually killed off the fax machine.

And if you look at the latest yellow pages dropping through the doors it’s getting that thin that some of the sunday magazine supplements will soon be thicker. I remember the days when Geoff capes strongman or someone like him would appear on a TV program and rip one of these in half  when they were 2 or 3 times thicker.  Now Mr Muscle could probably do it whilst cleaning his bathroom

yellow pages








Why is it dying?  Simple Google has been kicking it ass for the past 10 years!!

You want something you just search either on a computer or using a smart phone with internet access, you dont spend ages looking for a yellow pages and flicking through the pages and dropping a pin on the page with luck to find the right company to supply you.

Advertisers have picked up on the fact that business is online and instant and you only pay per click or you get free traffic from SEO (search engine optimisation) so gone have the days of spending a couple of thousand on a nice big advert to show what you do and sit back and hope the phone rings, hence the new light weight compact version (LOL)

Website Compatability?

Speaking to my father today and I mentioned Firefox his preferred web browser has a new version out. Why do they need to change it, it worked perfect for me?

The world moves forward at such a pace these days, new technology is constantly coming at us in all forms of shape and that includes the software to run a web browser, be it microsoft, Opera, firefox, chrome or safari

The web browsers of 1995 would be very terrible in showing the latest websites in 2011 and with web developers getting excited over HTML 5, wow you say HTML 5 what is that? And the hackers finding security holes in web browsers there is constant development and if we did not develop and move forward we would have no internet and a whole heap of stuff!.

But then new web browsers can force a site to look different than it previously did, so you need to test in a wide range of broswers, best to focus on the popular ones that you hear about such as chrome, IE, firefox, Opera, Safari

And you don’t really need to install multiple browsers and all the different versions on your own machine that could drive you mad. There are as most things online services that will test for you and show you your site as if it was viewed via a particular web browser such as which tests web browsers and screen resolutions at the same time.

So then there is no need to see messages like this I recieved when I landed on a site that specialises in email marketing and prides itself to be good and on the ball.Web Browser testing

Speed to market

Gordon Brown currently the British Prime Minister, the one that no one voted for but got in via secret deal with Tony Blair who was the elected Prime Minister, the one that could not see the Sun rising, the one that sold off a huge amount of Britian’s gold in the 90’s to then squander on stupid projects like

£10 billion pounds on ID Cards

In charge at the time of the expenses scandal, where the tax payer was forking out so they could all have multiple homes and even up keep a house for ducks on a pond think the figure was around £1500 for the duck house.

The one that appears on GMTV to talk about the latest reality TV Star and say yeah I phoned her last night to wish her well, like she is my best mate!

Anyway I can ramble on all day about his past mistakes, probably be a good book!

Which leads me to today the 28th of April 2010, where he is busy meeting the common people to try and win votes to keep his job!  When he meets lifelong labour support Gillian Duffy on one of those pre arranged and fixed up meet and greet with camera crew following.

Anyway after the constant smug grinning and nice chat he gets in his car only to be heard to call her a “Bigot” by the microphone that is recording what he says!

Once the world hears this the radio stations, TV companies have a field day, twitter is a buzz with debate and a facebook group is set up within minutes  Gillian Duffy Support group!.

Me being the curious one went to google to find out more and right in the think of all the action on google news, google trends, video etc is one lonely google advert

Gillian Duffy

Which if nothing shows you the speed of getting a message across to the market, the company behind it Bin Reminded have seen the gaff Gordon Brown has done and within minutes they have created a google adwords campaign to get their company and services in front of people for very little cost!!

I mean no one is advertising for the name Gillian Duffy!! So with no competitors to ramp up the price of the adverts they are having fun at Gordon Brown’s expense.

Well done the team at BinReminded!!

Could you act as fast to get one of your products n front of thousands of people in a similar circumstance?

The internet gives any one a platform be they a huge international company or some one setting up a business for the first time to get a message to market.

For those people still entertained by the whole Gordon Brown bigot comment you can check the full series of events here

Mark Attwood – Who is He?

A lot of people have been asking me that question recently and as I have known him for over 8 years, employed by him  in his marketing company AIM Solutions which is a company still going strong today.  From those days back in 2002 he invited me to join him in setting up the first online skip hire business and over the years he has become a close family friend.

So who is Mark Attwood?

Well he is a creative, passionate and generous (sometimes too generous – but then again he is human) entrepreneur.

Creative in his approach to business, he has also acted on stage and TV and directed plays, something which he takes in to his businesses. When I first met him he had just appeared in a cameo role on Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights!

Passionate about what he does and how he does it, it just has to be the best he can deliver!

Generous in that he gave me shares in Topskips in return for helping set up the business.  I never asked for any shares (unlike other people who came with their eyes on the pie years down the line).

Downside?  He is a workaholic! I don’t think he has had a proper holiday in 5 years!!

He constantly comes up with new business opportunities and takes his passion for business and improving to clients/friends he works closely with.

He has been interviewed by the Daily Telegraph in relation to setting up Topskips the first national online skip hire business,  you can see the article about Mark Attwood and also featured on the Chris Evans Radio 2 drivetime show in relation to The Skip Magazine which he also set up.

These days he shares some of his business ideas and SEO tips via Attwood Digital Marketing Agency which has a members area which I am part of so if you join you will get to know me in the process!

Regeneration of and buy shoes

One of those inspirational moments over the Christmas holidays, along with clearing my desk and things I think that will come in useful one day.  Is to do a total revamp on my personal site when I realised that white text on a black background is a real cardinal sin for online use, in fact any use come to think of it.

But in my haste to throw something up whilst I work on client projects and my initial feeling of that looks like a techie theme lets use that as the basis.  When really I should have a took a clean sheet of paper jotted down my ideas and a possible layout and then built it from that design and keeping it simple in the process!! (Also getting myself to agree and sign off the project and time scales)

So on the To Do List for January, along with buying a decent pair of shoes is to do an overall on this site.  The list is much longer that those 2 items but I will not bore you with it!

I am probably like the plumber who always has a leaky tap at home as he is to busy fixing other peoples leaks to look at his home!

Anyway the regeneration process begins, I am off to find a blank sheet of paper and sketch my ideas and providing I can get a few hours spare:)

Oh and then those shoes

Comments appreciated

Google Live Search, Bing and other live search engines

The big revolution is coming out of the stables, OK so it will probably be Google Live search BETA for the next 5 years or more but then most of googles products tend to have the BETA tag next to them.

Will it be called Live Google or Google Live ?

Personally when I get to play with a new google tool I don’t tend to see a problem with the applications.

Any way the big update to search is upon us, come the new year it should be rolled out fully across the google servers around the world and it’s going to be profound!!.

Currently (10th December 2009) the only way of accessing this is to go to google trends and then what ever is the current HOT TREND at the moment will have the new live feed embedded into it.

Take a look below at the hot trend of the day “Obama Nobel Peace Prize

Google live search results
Google live search results

Notice google places the live search results in the middle of the screen so existing pages on that subject are not affected, imagine if they left it all to live search the spammers would have a field day in promoting viagra or whatever at the same time as mentioning Obama’s peace prize!!

So within a few seconds of me updating twitter with a message in relation to the nobel peace prize, I click on the Obama google trend and there I am on the front page of google .

Andy Warhol was right, every one will be famous for 15minutes, though on this occasion it was more like 7 minutes until the other tweeters pushed me off the top, but in that period I picked up a couple of more followers to my tweets.

A Bad Website But Lovely Guy!

I logged into Facebook today you know that big data mining project that is quite popular at present and kept seeing a link from a friend

Business – General
G.H. Services is a newly set up company specialising in general outdoor duties such as :- gutter cleaning, fence painting, full exterior paint jobs, general garden maintenance, grass cutting, hedge trimming, garden clearances.

Now me knowing a thing or to about websites as I live and breath them everyday, I had to have a look!!
First of all the URL address, does not jump at you (The GH are his initials) it does not tell you what the site is about where as or gives you an idea and google that the first one does “Portable Toilet Hire” and the latter one does fantastic sinks.
Also it’s on a free hosting company, imagine if he was selling £800 LCD TV’s you would never in a million Sundays reach for your credit card with a domain like that even if it was
GH Services
GH Services

(Now I am not sure if he is going to go down this route and create a decent web presence, but like most people at present he is trying to make a living in the current challenging climate.)

Having a decent web presence makes all the difference, it’s that first less than a second glance that makes an impression to either stay and explore or click off.  Unless your one of the major players like Ebay, Amazon, MSN, Yahoo then there is a good chance NO ONE will know about your site!

So you need to give a clear message to the visitor and put yourself in their shoes!


I could go on and explain everything about building a specific focused driven website however that’s my day job, so if you need to know more then please feel free to visit  Internet Marketing Expert

Ken McCarthy System Seminar UK London 09

It’s nice to meet people you have admired and finding them to be real nice down to earth people, like a rare chance meeting with Paul Scholes from Manchester United. So it was fantastic to meet Ken McCarthy who is some what of an internet legend at his UK System Seminar in September 09 where he had a packed conference room full of business people learning internet marketing. People flew in from the US, Europe, South Africa and one guy from Slough to attend this sold out event.

So much happened over that weekend but the highlights have to be Mark Attwood who is an internet marketing expert wowing the audience with his knowledge and giving so much information out that he was inundated at the bar at night with requests for assistance.

Mark Attwood helping Julie Eassojavascript "Maine Copywriter" late at night!
Mark Attwood System Seminar UK

Direct Marketing expert Drayton Bird, who I think everyone looks up to and when you listen to what he says and boy do you listen he takes it back to the basics,


and test, test, test

Drayton was a surprise guest and a bit like waking up on your birthday to find you have the best present ever.

Mark Attwood & Drayton Bird
Mark Attwood & Drayton Bird

Ben Moskel flew in from his holiday in Italy to talk about his affiliate marketing and wowed the audience and then Greg Davis took over –  Greg did an amazing presentation on affiliate marketing and taught us all a few tips which we have applied to PPC and seen the results within days.  So thanks to both of them 🙂

Both of those guys are making serious money from PPC and affiliate marketing, they made it seem so easy but remember they started off small and at first it was difficult for them, which is a bit like anything until you practice enough.

Then the faculty and friends went to dinner on the last evening and a local Indian was the place to go and then another amazing person in the form of Mike Mindel who co built wordtracker and gave us lots of juicy info on Wordtracker2 and by the sounds of it, it’s going to kick some ass

So one amazing weekend in London and if you want to see more information about the weekend check out Mark Attwood who not only did a lot of presentations he also found the time to do a live blog summary at System UK Intensive

Oh and if you are on twitter search for #sysuk