Install or update multiple software in one click

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to a website, select what programs you want download one piece of software that installs a wide range of software automatically and keeps it up to date

And not have all the extra toolbars and fluff that some of the software packages bundle in to the kit, DO WE REALLY NEED a yahoo toolbar, Ask toolbar after all it’s not the 1990’s!!

Thats why I love  As it can install multiple browsers, media players, FTP programs, Imaging software, document programs, Security and utilities in one easy click, no mess no hassle!!

Got a windows machine or an apple MAC, ninite works on both and believe me when I recently updated my laptop it saved me hours of searching for the software and installing one by one 🙁

I installed around 25 programs at the time and running it today it automatically updated 6 of them to the latest version, again no hassle!

So go and bookmark it or download the software now and save yourself hours the next time you replace a machine