Princesa Yaiza 5 Star luxury Hotel is fantastic

So said my lesser spotted friend, well it turns out he went there at the start of June for a week and just came back this weekend from a fortnight holiday which explains why he has been ignoring my calls!

You would ignore my calls yourself when you see his hundreds of pictures of the hotel and the Playa Dorada beach which it sits behind, As he was showing me I asked him why stay at the Princesa Yaiza? What makes it special?

The Staff

The Accomodation

It’s not to far to fly with the two little children he has

Plenty to do

and oh the suite we stayed in was fantastic also

Basically took him another 15 minutes to stop explaining, personally I think he has only come home to use his season ticket at City this year.

Needless to say he has booked for next year and convinced my wife that we should so go, so check out this video of the Princesa Yaiza

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