Steve Wild in the clouds

No I am not going crazy, just finally found 5 minutes to move this site into the clouds so it runs faster and is more reliable than it was previous, now if I get 3 visitors or 3000 the server will call on resources to handle the load!

I just hope the people who have set up to handle the mess that the little shits have caused in London have moved themselves to the cloud servers as they were down earlier today thanks to ITV giving the full URL out

So if your a business that relies on online business make sure you have adequate server capacity and speak to your hosting company to check what package you are on


What’s have a fax machine and yellow pages got in common?

They are both dying ways of doing business!!

If you were around in the eighties you will know doubt remember Tomorrows World on BBC1 talking about the latest technology and fax machines and how they will be great for sending documents down the phone line.   Now email and file sharing services have virtually killed off the fax machine.

And if you look at the latest yellow pages dropping through the doors it’s getting that thin that some of the sunday magazine supplements will soon be thicker. I remember the days when Geoff capes strongman or someone like him would appear on a TV program and rip one of these in half  when they were 2 or 3 times thicker.  Now Mr Muscle could probably do it whilst cleaning his bathroom

yellow pages








Why is it dying?  Simple Google has been kicking it ass for the past 10 years!!

You want something you just search either on a computer or using a smart phone with internet access, you dont spend ages looking for a yellow pages and flicking through the pages and dropping a pin on the page with luck to find the right company to supply you.

Advertisers have picked up on the fact that business is online and instant and you only pay per click or you get free traffic from SEO (search engine optimisation) so gone have the days of spending a couple of thousand on a nice big advert to show what you do and sit back and hope the phone rings, hence the new light weight compact version (LOL)

Install or update multiple software in one click

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to a website, select what programs you want download one piece of software that installs a wide range of software automatically and keeps it up to date

And not have all the extra toolbars and fluff that some of the software packages bundle in to the kit, DO WE REALLY NEED a yahoo toolbar, Ask toolbar after all it’s not the 1990’s!!

Thats why I love  As it can install multiple browsers, media players, FTP programs, Imaging software, document programs, Security and utilities in one easy click, no mess no hassle!!

Got a windows machine or an apple MAC, ninite works on both and believe me when I recently updated my laptop it saved me hours of searching for the software and installing one by one 🙁

I installed around 25 programs at the time and running it today it automatically updated 6 of them to the latest version, again no hassle!

So go and bookmark it or download the software now and save yourself hours the next time you replace a machine

Website Compatability?

Speaking to my father today and I mentioned Firefox his preferred web browser has a new version out. Why do they need to change it, it worked perfect for me?

The world moves forward at such a pace these days, new technology is constantly coming at us in all forms of shape and that includes the software to run a web browser, be it microsoft, Opera, firefox, chrome or safari

The web browsers of 1995 would be very terrible in showing the latest websites in 2011 and with web developers getting excited over HTML 5, wow you say HTML 5 what is that? And the hackers finding security holes in web browsers there is constant development and if we did not develop and move forward we would have no internet and a whole heap of stuff!.

But then new web browsers can force a site to look different than it previously did, so you need to test in a wide range of broswers, best to focus on the popular ones that you hear about such as chrome, IE, firefox, Opera, Safari

And you don’t really need to install multiple browsers and all the different versions on your own machine that could drive you mad. There are as most things online services that will test for you and show you your site as if it was viewed via a particular web browser such as which tests web browsers and screen resolutions at the same time.

So then there is no need to see messages like this I recieved when I landed on a site that specialises in email marketing and prides itself to be good and on the ball.Web Browser testing

Mobile Phone Tracks YOU!

If you are in the know or have a few more brain cells than average you will know that the phone networks monitor and track your mobile phone.

Companies now offer a service where you can track a mobile phone and see where it is by just using the GPS signal, the latest smart phones if you loose them offer a service where you can track to within a few yards, send a message to them and if that fails remotely wipe all the data and lock it up so it’s no use to the delightful person who now has it.

So it makes complete sense that those simple text messages are scanned for appropriate keywords like “bomb” and voice calls are also monitored along with all the data you download on to your phones.

Don’t believe me?

Green party politician Malte Spitz sued to have German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom hand over six months of his phone data that he then made available to ZEIT ONLINE. Who then combined this geolocation data with information relating to his life as a politician, such as Twitter feeds, blog entries and websites, all of which is all freely available on the internet.

Check out the interactive map of all his calls, data and activity and the full story here as it really brings it home how much a mobile phone can be used to track a person and show that they were at a place in time.

Then if you are still not sure about tracking and monitoring done on all the phones and your daft enough to try something then ring a friend and mention bomb quite a few times in a conversation, then search on your phone for the same phrase and a couple of text messages should prove the point!

Spammers Start Offering Loans

May be the Scam Artists or the boys from Lagos, Nigeria have made so much money from their dodgy scams that they can offer nice loans, like the following email I picked up from checking my spam folders

“My name is Mr William Woods,a legitimate  loan lender based in the United Kingdom.With our technology we can approve a suitable loan in minutes.We  borrow from 3,000 DOLLARS to 10,000,000 DOLLARS at just 3% interest rate with Flexible repayment over 1 to 30 years.Kindly email back via:”

Thank goodness he is legitimate and I like the sound of his technology (must be a spell checker) but hang on your in the UK and I’m in the UK but you only offer dollars.  Or when he says borrow is he wanting to borrow from me?

Who knows and I don’t care but obviously if you have tried and failed the normal I am the widdow of the president of blah and my husband put 47 trillion dollars in a bank account in the UK which I need access to then you need to change tact!

So remember test, test, test and test again to find your winning formula, which is a bit like what I do to websites! So go sign up for Google Website Optimizer

Spammers get into loans

Googles Groupon

So Groupon the coupons site which had been courted by google to the tune of 6 billion dollars is now waking up to the fact that google is actively aggressively looking to launch a competing system to Groupon and the other clones of Groupon called “Google Offers”. Groupon I understand are quickly trying to get a stock market listing with an approximate valuation of 15 billion dollars (are we getting back to the dot com boom? )

Should be interesting to watch from the sidelines to see who fights over you and who wins in the process as having the idea is great but the excution is the key to winning the game

Nokia C7 Remote controls a BMW 1 Series

Finally one of my many ideas has come true, well I was hoping that the BigTrak toys of the 70’s that they relaunched recently would have an iphone app to control and I can see a lot of remote controlled cars and toys being linked more with smart phones in the coming year,  But I never thought i’d see a real car being controlled by a smartphone so soon!!

Not sure of the legal requirements for a remote controlled car but imagine the benefits, you drive to the huge shopping centre the one that has 10 miles of packed car park and get out at the front door and then drive your car to the far car park, no more searching for a parking space and long walk back 🙂

Or it’s raining and you have blocked someone in at work, no problem from your office window you move your car to let them out

Don’t belive me?  Check the video out below and let me know what you think?

All could work well till you need to answer the phone call from the boss!

Landshare Holmes Chapel

A growing trend thanks to Chanel 4 and hugh fearnley whittingstall for promoting the use of sharing land to grow real organic vegatables or flowers.  Totally makes sense someone has a piece of land and for a small token yearly amount you can have a plot of land in Holmes Chapel to grow your own tasty fresh vegetables.

With the added reasurance you know what has gone into producing them

  • No dodgy chemicals to presevere them or alter their natural struture!
  • No GM related crops
  • Just simple tasty home grown vegetables
  • And all the healthy exercise you get in the process!!

If you live in the Holmes Chapel, Cheshire area and interested in a landshare arrangement on New allotment plots, with water supply, Cranage, Holmes Chapel on a secure site, Large and small plots available then please fill in the form below and it will be forwarded on to the owner of the land

Landshare Holmes Chapel

Interested in the landshare arrangement for Holmes Chapel? If so please fill in your details below and they will provide you with details
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