PowerFlush Stockport

I have recently had problems with my heating system, no matter what I did I could not get any  heat through my radiators.  The wife kept on saying “The heatings broke” and to compound the problem I was reccomended a plumber who turned up tried to do a power flush and then left and never came back.  I then got in touch with another firm who put chemical inhibitors in the system and said they would call me back to arrange a time to flush the radiators as they were blocked.

Time went by and no sign of any plumber so I turned away from friends reccomendations and searched the internet and what a mixed bag that was. several enquires were emailed off one late night in September

one reply “were short staffed due to holidays but if you need to do a power flush then can take the radiator off and flush it with a hosepipe”   Now I know a bit out property and how things work and no a hosepipe is not really going to do the job and besides  I am not a plumber and my heating knowledge is basic.  And if I was going to do it myself I would not waste time sending enquiries off!! !

Another reply was from a PLC company who are pretending to be a local firm, really bad email reply with a crazy figure and wanting 50% paying before they turned up, really did not warm to that one.

The most amazing reply was from a local genuine guy called Barry Ayres, who runs a business that specialises in Power flushing stockport I had an email next morning asking for a bit more information which took me a while to reply, when I did he came back with a price and we agreed the work.    He turned up on time and established that the heating pump was on it’s last legs so and reccomended that it should be replaced and then a power flush of the heating system and chemical inhibitor installed. which all came in much less than the others were trying to charge me for a simple power flush!  Took him all day to complete the work but as it was a fixed price deal I was happy.

So thanks to Barry I can now sit in the house without 4 jumpers on this Christmas