Council TAX bands or the grass is greener on the otherside of the fence

A while ago I picked up on the fact that properties in England and Wales were quickly valued by estate agents in 1991 after the failed poll tax scheme.  They did this by driving down a road and ticking a box to say band A, B, C etc and became known as a second gear valuation as they never actually looked at the property just drove past at the time.

So a curious me decided to use the power of the internet and the freedom of some public information and see if my house was in the right valuation bracket.

By doing so I found out that 2 houses on the street were in a lower tax bracket than the my house and the rest of the houses on the street, what made it more interesting was one had a garage bolted on the side of the house when our house has no garage.

So with this information to hand I wrote a letter to the valuation office asking them for a review of my council tax band taking into account the various factors I had discovered.

A 2 page “automatic” response, sorry we feel your property is in the right band and cannot discuss why 2 properties are in a lower band and you have no right to appeal on this!

So I wrote to them again, where they confirmed that 42 properties on my street all the same but 3 are in a lower tax band! (Go figure that one) yet these properties are the same building size and two have garages where others don’t! So surely having a garage attached to the property should be a bonus

One wonders how these properties get to remain in a lower tax band than the other 41 houses