LeapPad Best Toy for the iPad Generation!

I never thought I would say it but this is one amazing little children’s IPAD toy and deserves it’s recommendation as one of the TOP 10 toys of 2011 from the list that those evil marketing people produce each year and release the media who then tell the parents they are not good parents unless they buy these top 10 toys for children who do not really need or appreciate them.

Anyway the Leappad Explorer from leap frog is brilliant, my daughter can now take her own pictures and video just like on a ipad so my stuff is no longer being used and let’s face it if an iphone or an ipad gets dropped by little hands and smashed it’s an expensive headache we don’t need!

One of her Grandparents bought it for one of her many Christmas presents, she even arranged to buy leappad online which was another plus!  Now when traveling in the car she can be kept busy with a range of learning activities, art studio, e books and great software which teaches through playing.  Even this week I had to take her into work for a few hours and she sat in my office painting some pictures on the art studio package whilst I sorted a quick issue.

Like a real ipad you connect it up to the internet via a computer and you can download new Leappad Apps to add to the leappad explorer tablet which are not badly priced at £7.50 each.

one thing that worried me was a dog app where you had to wash and feed your puppy and ran out of the food and shampoo quite quickly, I was thinking here we go I will be buying packs online but was presently surprised that you dont have to buy more.  You simply connect up and refresh them via the PC.

Some of the apps like build your own story book with the option to record audio, video and pictures to add to the story are quite amazing for the type of product it is.

So with all the naff junk out in the shops you would not be disappointed in buying this for your child