TeamViewer Remote Access a PC from the Internet

Sometimes I come across something so easy to use I have to shout about it!!  And recently the day job and additions to the family have kept me pretty busy.

But my eternal family curse of your good with computers can you fix my PC, microwave or sky box!   Yes people do ask those questions and usually they are family members who think as i sit in front of a laptop all day that I do something with computers!!

Internet Marketing Expert by day and night and then the odd fix a computer issue chucked in for good measure!

Sadly I know a lot about fixing them and making them better, not so much on microwaves (just bin it and buy a new one)

Anyway as relatives live many miles away and I am to busy to travel I have used simple services like MSN messenger back in 2001 when you could ask a friend for assistance as it saves driving to someones house to fix that urgent 1st world problem, I can’t get on ebay, facebook!!

Then the other day Blake turned to me and mentioned TeamViewer, which is a superb piece of software, allowing remote access to any computer that is running the software via a PC or a MAC or even via iPhone, Ipad, android devices.

Best thing is it actually comes bundled with one of my other great recommendations which I have mentioned previously as a great way of installing and keeping you up to date with your software, talk about right under my nose!!

Now I can remote control my laptop and have that hooked up to the TV to watch youtube videos and use my iphone as a remote and keep my relatives happy with quick free fixes to their computer problems!!