Google G Drive 5gb storage for free?

So dropbox, sugarsync, bitcasa, skydrive to name a few are getting a new nemesis in the form of Google coming to the party with the strongly rumoured G drive giving 5 gig of free storage then you will no doubt have to pay to get extra which is not a problem, if you are like me with an iphone, 14 mega pixel canon camera and shoot in HD you soon rack up gigabytes of data!!!

But as they are late to the party, what’s the unique selling point to get you to change to the G drive?

Will dropbox and the simplicity be enough, obviously having another string to the bow of google is a plus for them and another chance to keep control of you and your data and then let advertisers sell to you, wait a minute am I talking facebook or google?

Hoping there will be some innovation really that makes me stop and say that’s the service for me.

Free Online Storage

Well that got your attention!

For a while now I have liked the idea of having safe secure online storage.

They are great for sharing project files with colleagues, photos and videos with family and friends and if you are like me you work on numerous machines then having your files safely syncronised in a virtual cloud is a win win situation.

And let’s face it if that hard drive failed with your photos of your wedding day were gone then you would have some serious making up to the other half!

I have been using DropBox which provides a neat little desktop installer so that you can sync files with the service and then set who can see those files which I find fantastic however the 2gig starter package could soon get used up and if you refer people you can get rewarded with 250mb per referral added to your storage which is a great idea but this is limited to an 8 gig maximum. After that you need to upgrade to a paid application which may or may not suit peoples budgets.

Today I came across SugarSync which automatically gives you 5 GB free storage and sync unlimited devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and more.  Which I am currently testing and this works on a similar way to dropbox and paid plans start at 30 GB limits (which was the size of my hard drive in my laptop 5 years ago!)

So if you need easy to use and reliable secure online storage then either of them are suitable but I am leaning to sugarsync at present!